How we breed our miniature donkeys

Aras de los Olmos is a village in La Serranía region in Valencia (Spain), where we have our farm and we breed miniature donkeys and dwarf goats while they live in a peaceful natural environment.



How they are raised

For the domestication and dressage of the miniature donkey, dedication and perseverance are needed as the basis for training and discipline. They can become trained to our liking; just like a horse can reach high school dressage, donkeys are very intelligent animals. It is said that, just by passing through a path once, they will remember it throughout their lives.

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Miniature donkey care

The miniature donkey, like their congeners and other pets, needs a specific care: food, shearing, hooves cleaning, vaccines, deworming, etc.

Miniature donkey food

Donkeys are native to the desert regions of the world; this makes their digestive system very rustic. Therefore, nutritional needs are much lower than those of a horse or a pony.

Would you like to buy a miniature donkey as a pet?

In Aras de los Olmos we breed miniature donkeys for sale in Spain and abroad. If you are interested in buying one of our miniature donkeys for sale, visit our catalogue to choose your new pet.


About us

We love miniature donkeys and, in fact, apart from being breeders and selling them from Aras de los Olmos (Spain), we are constantly traveling around the world to discover other places where donkeys and miniature donkeys live.


History of miniature donkeys

Miniature donkeys are a specific breed of asses originating in the Mediterranean, which used to exist mostly in Mediterranean islands such as Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Malta, Menorca… It is not known exactly how far they extended, but nowadays it is almost impossible to find them in their places of origin.


Frequently asked questions

Can they be aggressive? Are we going to need a stable to take care of our miniature donkey? How many years will they live as pets? How can I meet one of your miniature donkeys for sale?
When it comes to buying miniature donkeys and taking care of them, we understand that many questions might arise… We can give you answers to all of them!